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Aluminium castings

We specialize in the production of aluminum castings made in the Low Pressure Die Casting, Low Pressure Sand Casting, Gravity in Permanent Mould and in Sand Casting Technology. Castings are made from aluminum alloys according to the general standards and according to special customer requirements.

CNC Precision Machining

Our products are made by means of advanced machining and electromachining methods.  We have at our disposal highly efficient three, four and five-axis machining centres that guarantee precision required by the clients. We also assemble details


We have a modern and professional Technological and Design Office the main task of which is to design details, casts, moulds and tools. Our activity includes also working out technologies and providing technical support for products made by the clients.

Tool shop

Iwamet tool shop is an experienced producer of various type of special tools, pressure and gravity casting mould, machining fixtures, control and measurement tools. Iwamet specializes in producing the entire range of accessories, such as punching, trimming and stamping dies too.