Dear Supplier,

At Iwamet, we value our Vendors who comply with quality, environmental, and safety standards and at the same time are competitive and understand our needs, guided by openness in terms of price negotiations and innovative solutions.

How to become an Iwamet Supplier:

  1. Please familiarize yourself with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles, code of ethics, counterfeit parts prevention policy, health and safety policy and general terms and conditions of purchase (GTC) available on the website.
  2. Complete the Supplier Assessment Survey – form Z-1/PS-4.1
  3. Send the survey and inquiry to our Purchasing Department:
    along with the inquiry, send the quality management system certificates, process approvals, customer approvals and references from other customers (if available).
  4. The application is received – please wait for a reply.

Please be advised that we cooperate mainly with suppliers from the list of approved suppliers, although it is possible to obtain approved supplier status for new suppliers (approvals from other customers are welcome).

We evaluate our suppliers in terms of quality indicators and timeliness (data available on the suppliers’ website are welcome) or sent in electronic form.

We verify technological possibilities, availability of resources, infrastructure, lead times, the possibility of production to a warehouse/deposit, financial data. The assessment may also be done by an on-site audit.

We encourage you to cooperate and send offers.

It is also possible to contact us by phone at: +15 81 35 811

General information – delivery of materials

Please be advised that unloading hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 14:30

Downloads available below:

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