Low-pressure castings

Low-pressure castings with high quality requirements and maximum dimensions of 1300 mm and weight of 60 kg, produced on low-pressure machines.
We use steel and sand moulds for casting. Many of our projects use solid or shell sand cores placed in a steel mould.

In low-pressure technology, the liquid metal is fed via a pressure-controlled supply pipe from the preheating furnace to the mould cavity. The solidification of the metal in the mould is directional and controlled by the cooling system with which the mould is equipped.

This type of technology is used to achieve higher casting density, faster mould filling, and higher productivity than in the case of conventional gravity die casting.


Gravity die castings

Control of the die opening and casting out is carried out with the use of hydraulic die-makers.


Sand castings

Workpieces produced using box-free sand moulds manufactured:

  • on a semi-automatic carousel moulding line with dimensions of 1250x1000x350/350 mm and a casting weight of 0.1-120 kg (0.22 lb – 264 lb), which allows for higher efficiency than conventional moulding
  • by hand moulding 2800x2000x1200 mm (86x47x47 in) and casting weight 0.1-320 kg (0.22 lb – 705 lb)
  • with the use of automatic core shooting machines dedicated to the production of sand cores, but they can also be used for the production of moulds with maximum dimensions of 1000x1000x500 mm


Sand mould printing

Printing sand moulds and sand cores in 3D technology. Definitely the fastest and the best form of prototyping sand moulds and cores. The dimensions of one Job Box of a 3D printer is 1800x1000x700 mm, which we are able to produce after about 12.5 hours of work.

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