Rules of conduct

The personnel , suppliers and business partners of Iwamet sp. z o. o. are obliged to   respect the  Health and Safety policy  applicable at  
Iwamet Sp. z o. o. by means of: 

  • when it is required at the certain production/office areas usage the available personal protective equipment, keeping it in a good condition and control 
  • maintaining the safety machines by performing the appropriate maintenance activities and increasing the personnel awareness at the workplace. 
  • having the emergency preparedness  by continuous improvement of the contingency plans and safety procedures  
  • safe management by appropriate controlling the incident and accident procedures  
  • organizing the workplace in an ergonomic approach to  increase efficiency of work  
  • appropriate handling of chemicals by providing the detail guidance to the personnel and increasing the awareness of safety data sheets 
  • fire protection plans and procedures in order to safe the personnel, company and Customer interests 
  • risk management in the area of health and safety 
  • initial, refreshment and other H&S trainings  
  • informing the supervisors about any violations of this H&S policy 

Upholding rectitude as the principle value, the personnel, suppliers and business partners at Iwamet Sp. z o. o. shall perform their responsibilities, provide services in an honest way, safely, taking full advantage of their qualifications, skills and predilections, while, at the same time, implementing relevant legal provisions, standards and technical specifications, as well as internal company health and safety regulations which form the basis of the activities performed.  

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