Iwamet employees, suppliers, and business partners are obliged to comply with the policy of preventing the occurrence of counterfeit parts in force at Iwamet Sp. z o.o.

The most important rule is to have and maintain a secure supply chain, which guarantees the most effective method of preventing the occurrence of counterfeit materials/products transferred to the industry.

Counterfeit parts – Unauthorized duplication, imitation, substitutes, or modified parts (e.g. materials, parts, components) that are knowingly replaced by a genuine part manufactured by the original or authorized manufacturer. Examples: falsified marking (e.g. permanent marking, hallmark, etc.) or a label on a piece of a particular product, serial number, date code, grade, accompanying documentation (also in relation to the actual characteristics of the product, e.g. incompatible chemical composition, properties despite the fact that the delivery certificate spe

Rules of conduct


  • monitoring reports/information on counterfeit parts from external sources, i.e. the Internet, internally from the company or directly from suppliers or customers
  • purchasing only from Suppliers approved in accordance with the internal purchasing procedure
  • purchasing directly from producers (and if impossible – purchases from distributors on the List of Approved Distributors)
  • requiring the provision of certificates issued by producers in the case of purchases from distributors.


  • increasing staff awareness through on-the-job and refresher training, presentation of examples of potentially incompatible counterfeit parts

Production process

  • control of the purchase of the product supplied from external sources, in particular by verifying the documentation received with the delivery in terms of its compliance, with special attention to:
    • the authenticity and completeness of the documentation required with the order,
    • legibility of entries, seals, stamps,
    • any unauthorized corrections,
    • notes.
  • verification of labelling of materials delivered
  • monitoring outdated parts by archiving them with a new revision
  • suspending and reporting suspicious parts or counterfeit parts that have been detected – the use of quarantine
  • applying the principles of identification and traceability (including serialization of parts, if required)

Testing and prevention

  • performing checks, and audits to verify the methods of detecting counterfeit parts
  • Post-delivery activities
  • immediately informing the customer about the risk of a counterfeit component in the product sold
  • cooperation with the client in determining the course of proceedings with a counterfeit product and performing an analysis of the source of the counterfeit part

* All Vendors and Business Partners are required to transfer the above principles to their sub-suppliers and business partners.
Any violations of the above rules should be reported by employees to their immediate supervisor. Any cases of the occurrence of counterfeit products and materials should be reported to the relevant government services and to other suppliers/customers in order to prevent their spread.

Counterfeit Material Prevention Policy of Iwamet Sp. z o. o. Issue I 10.08.2020

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