Personnel, Suppliers and Business Partners are obliged to respect the Corporate Social Responsibility Rules applicable at Iwamet Sp. Z o. o..

The basic principles include:

  • Performing work with respect for equal human rights, without mobbing, harassment, aggression, discrimination regardless of race, color, gender, origin, faith, age, sexual orientation, political views and other reasons not described in this point (* if any).
  • Providing appropriate working and environment conditions in order to both build the sense of safety of employees and customers who may be at the premises of the plant, as well as the safety of manufactured products or provided services.
  • Respect for privacy, work and its fundamental rights under the relevant legislation, including the opposition to child labor, human trafficking, forced or compulsory labor, slavery.
  • Providing adequate salary at various positions, including overtime pay and with respect to the working hours (must not exceed those limits stipulated by law)
  • Freedom of association.
  • Performing work with respect for health, public good, health and safety at work, minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • Whistleblowing ( in the meaning of ability to report illegal or immoral business activities to authorities or the general public for reasons relating to public interest) and not tolerating retaliation against employees for reporting any violations of this Code of Conduct
  • Not tolerating corruption, extortion and bribery. It is forbidden to accept any material or immaterial benefits, force the acceptance of benefits and transfer benefits in order to achieve specific goals.
  • Working at market according to fair competition and anti-trust rules
  • Confidentiality of information in data processing. Supervision of all data collected and processed in accordance with applicable regulations and legal principles.
  • Complying with the applicable export control and customs regulations including the sanctions .
  • Additionally: The principles described in the Code of Ethics, anti-mobbing procedure and the Labor Code of Iwamet plus the counterfeit prevention policy also apply to these rules.

CSR Iwamet rev.B 07.06.2022

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