Our Mission

The supply of products and services in the metal elements industry and the production of shaped aluminium alloy castings of the highest quality guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Our vision

Consistently striving for perfection in all our activities, we are building a „centre of excellence” in our company for the machining and production of aluminium alloy castings.

Our mission is to supply industrial products and services from metal branch as well as manufacture of aluminum and magnesium alloys shaped casting on the quality level which guarantees CUSTOMER and our employees satisfaction taking into account environmental aspects and complying to regulations regarding production and trade of goods of military and police destination.

We are achieving this level by realization of the following objectives: 

  • Increasing the production capacity by employing personnel with the high competences and conducting the improvement and supplementary training 
  • Modernization and development of the organization’s infrastructure and equipment, increasing its production potential; 
  • Monitoring and analysis of the organization context and the needs and expectations of the interested parties as well as the risk and opportunities for continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and its processes.  
  • Delivering the products and services in compliance with legal, regulatory, Customer requirements, including its Quality System, environmental and our own established in the organization.  
  • Cooperation with tested suppliers, guarantee of the highest quality supplies monitored by established process indicators. 
  • Responsible  purchasing of materials (especial raw materials) taking into consideration company CSR, Conflict minerals policy and Counterfeit material prevention policy.  
  • Minimizing and preventing from negative influence on environment by identification and monitoring of environmental aspects and taking the initiative for environment protection including the product lifecycle and responsible chemical management. 
  • Control of Air quality and Water quality and consumption. 
  • Sustainable resource management and waste reduction  (wherever it is possible) by making appropriate decisions  based on its control  
  • Development of Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System by meeting and exceeding requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and AS 9100 Rev. D, IATF 16949:2016. 
  • Maintain NADCAP special process approvals aiming to secure the quality of Heat treatment  & NDT (Radiography & Penetrant) processes  and any further special process approvals when required to support customer requirements. 
  • Systematic development of partner relationships with customers leading to increase efficiency and effectiveness of actions realization; 
  • Production innovations influencing the quality of products and positively on defined environmental aspects due to  the implementation of EU projects. 

The implementation of the Quality and Environmental Policy is guaranteed by the personnel awareness of the responsibility for the highest quality and environment.  

The management of the organization undertakes to implement the above-mentioned objectives and continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system effectiveness. 

John Iwasieczko

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