Ethical and professional principles

Employees, suppliers and business partners of Iwamet Sp. z o.o. should demonstrate high professional and personal morale and apply appropriate ethical and professional principles by:

  • respecting the knowledge and experience of people in the industry
  • adhering to the principles of professional loyalty
  • not using – for one’s own needs – exact copies of other people’s work without obtaining appropriate permission from them
  • expressing different views in a cultural way that does not offend the dignity of the opponent
  • expressing a professional opinion only if it is based on expertise
  • maintaining the confidentiality of any information that has been provided in confidence by the employer, client, or public person
  • undertaking to perform only work for which one has sufficient and necessary qualifications
  • informing the employer about any circumstances that could constitute an obstacle or threat to the performance of the task entrusted
  • signing only such documents as relate to work carried out personally or the implementation of which is under one’s direct supervision
  • striving to maintain the appropriate level of professional qualifications
  • taking care of the dignity and honour of the profession in professional activity, as well as preventing the impairment of its rank and authority
  • careful review of the information provided to the client and superiors
  • keeping deadlines and promises
  • admitting one’s own mistakes and trying to correct them
  • absolute observance of safety rules in the workplace
  • performing one’s own duties taking into account environmental safety, health, public good, occupational health and safety rules
  • taking a critical position in the right place and time (in the case of co-workers who violate the principles of this code)
  • being based on objectivity in assessments of colleagues – not acting to the detriment of colleagues
  • reacting to attempts at corruption or dishonesty and thus not seeking material benefits and not offering such benefits to third parties
  • informing the immediate supervisor of any violations of the Code of Ethics

Being guided by well-being as a superior value, employees, suppliers, and business partners of Iwamet Sp. z o.o. should perform their duties and provide services with integrity, making full use of their qualifications, skills, and predispositions while complying with the law, standards and technical specifications and internal regulations in force in the company, which are the basis for operation.

The Code of Ethics of Iwamet Sp. z o. o. Issue I 24.08.2020

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