Ethical and professional principles

The personnel , suppliers and business partners of Iwamet sp. z o. o. shall display considerable professional and personal ethics and implement correct ethical and professional principles by means of: 

  • respecting knowledge and experience of persons from the industry, 
  • observing principles of profession-related loyalty, 
  • not using – for one’s own needs – exact copies of other people’s work without obtaining their permission, 
  • expressing different opinions in a cultured way, not to offend the individual, 
  • expressing professional opinions only when it is based on professional knowledge, 
  • maintaining confidentiality of all information which has been submitted in confidence by the employer, client or a public person, 
  • undertaking only such jobs which one is sufficiently qualified to do, 
  • informing the employer about any eventuality which may pose an obstacle or threat in the implementation of an assigned task, 
  • signing only documents which relate to work carried out personally or works which one is directly supervising,  
  • striving to maintain one’s professional qualifications at an appropriate level, 
  • protecting the integrity and honour of the profession in one’s professional activity and counteracting the reduction in its esteem and authority, 
  • thorough verification of the information submitted to the clients and superiors, 
  • meeting deadlines and promises, 
  • admitting one’s mistakes and striving to repair them, 
  • absolute adherence to safety guidelines within a workplace, 
  • performing one’s responsibilities while paying attention to the environmental safety, health, the good of the public, as well as the occupational health and safety principles,  
  • taking a decisive stand at the right place and time (if colleagues breach the provisions of this code), 
  • maintaining objectivity in the assessment of one’s colleagues – not acting to the detriment of the colleagues, 
  • reacting to attempts of corruption and dishonesty and thus not seeking material benefits and not offering such benefits to third party personnel 
  • non-performance of competitive activities, in particular cooperation with companies competitive to IWAMET, i.e. those whose interests collide with the interests of IWAMET (conflict of interest) 
  • financial responsibility in the meaning of scrupulous and transparent management and protection of the company’s finances (wherever applicable) 
  • protection of intellectual property 
  • informing the supervisors about any violations of this Ethical Code 

Upholding rectitude as the principle value, the personnel, suppliers and business partners at Iwamet Sp. z o. o. shall perform their responsibilities, provide services in an honest way, taking full advantage of their qualifications, skills and predilections, while, at the same time, implementing relevant legal provisions, standards and technical specifications, as well as internal company regulations which form the basis of the activities performed.  

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